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9 Best Solar Lights of 2024: Brighten Up Your Space!

When I began exploring the top solar lights of 2024, I focused on options that combine efficiency, durability, and style for home and garden use. From the high-lumen NYMPHY Solar Lights to the sleek INCX Solar Lights, there’s something for everyone looking to enhance their outdoor space sustainably.

I found some intriguing features like motion sensors and remote controls that add convenience and security. Curious about which solar lights might best suit your needs and how they stack up against each other? Let’s delve into the details and see what each one offers.

Here is a Quick Overview of Our Best Solar Lights of 2024

ProductsBrightness (Lumens)Motion Sensor
1. NYMPHY Solar Lights (4 Pack)400 (per light)No
2. Mokot Solar Lights (2 Pack)2500 (per light)Yes
3. INXPHY Solar Shed Light1200Yes
4. 3000LM Solar Lights3000 (per light)Yes (Dual PIR)
5. INCX Solar Lights (12 Pack)8 (per light)No
6. Solar Street Light (3 Pack)300,000 (per light)Yes
7. 1000W Solar Lights100,000Yes
8. Solar Lights (4 Pack)120 (per light)Yes
9. JACKYLED Solar Lights113 (per light)Yes

1. NYMPHY Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof IP68(4 Pack)

Best Solar Lights: NYMPHY Solar Lights Outdoor Waterproof IP68(4 Pack)
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Homeowners seeking durable, high-efficiency solar lighting that can easily be installed and provides customizable brightness for outdoor spaces.

For homeowners seeking durable, high-efficiency solar lighting, the NYMPHY Solar Lights Outdoor (4 Pack) offers a reliable and eco-friendly solution. These lights are equipped with 56 LEDs, providing 400 lumens of brightness and guaranteeing your outdoor space stays illuminated for 6 to 20 hours.

With three brightness modes—Low, Medium, and High—you can customize the lighting to your needs. The high-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar panels ensure maximum energy absorption, while the IP68 rating guarantees they’re waterproof, frostproof, and weatherproof.

Installation is a breeze, thanks to the included ground stakes and wall mounts. Made from high-impact ABS plastic and polycrystalline silicon, these lights promise durability. Plus, they come with a 45-day full refund policy and a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.


  • High-efficiency polycrystalline silicon solar panels for maximum energy absorption
  • IP68 rating ensures waterproof, frostproof, and weatherproof performance
  • Easy installation with included ground stakes and wall mounts


  • Some issues were reported with water ingress in one unit after rain
  • Unfinished finish type may not appeal to everyone
  • Requires 1 Lithium Ion battery which may need replacement over time

2. Mokot Solar Outdoor Lights, IP65 Waterproof Motion Sensor (Pack of 2)

Best Solar Lights: Mokot Solar Outdoor Lights, IP65 Waterproof Motion Sensor (Pack of 2)
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Homeowners seeking reliable, energy-efficient, and easy-to-install outdoor lighting with robust motion sensors.

Ideal for homeowners seeking reliable and energy-efficient outdoor lighting, the Mokot Solar Outdoor Lights offer 2500LM brightness and an IP65 waterproof rating. These lights feature motion sensors, ensuring they light up only when needed, saving energy.

With adjustable solar panels and four lighting modes, you can easily customize them to your preferences. The included remote control and 1800mAh rechargeable batteries make operation a breeze, while the wide 270° angle illumination covers larger areas.

Crafted from durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, these cool white LED lights are both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. They’re easy to install and maintain, providing excellent outdoor security and visibility. Despite their brightness, they remain energy-efficient and eco-friendly, making them an ideal choice for any garden or home.


  • High brightness of 2500LM with wide 270° angle illumination.
  • IP65 waterproof rating ensures durability in various weather conditions.
  • Easy installation with adjustable solar panels and included remote control.


  • Lights turn off after about 20 seconds with no adjustment for duration.
  • Brightness can be blinding to some users.
  • Could be brighter and stay on longer after motion detection.

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3. INXPHY Solar Shed Light for Indoor & Outdoor with Motion Sensor

Best Solar Lights: INXPHY Solar Shed Light for Indoor & Outdoor with Motion Sensor
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Those seeking an energy-efficient, versatile, and reliable lighting solution for areas without power sources that enhances security and convenience.

Looking for an energy-efficient lighting solution that enhances security and convenience? The Solar Shed Light with Motion Sensor and Remote Control by INXPHY is perfect for you. With 1200 lumens from 144 LEDs and five lighting modes, this light guarantees your shed, yard, garage, or garden stays brightly lit.

The motion sensor covers a 120° range, automatically illuminating when movement is detected, boosting security. Plus, the upgraded remote control offers easy adjustments. The 5000mAh battery guarantees long-lasting performance, while the IP65 waterproof rating means it’s reliable in all weather conditions.

Installation is a breeze with the 16.5ft cable. Customers rave about its energy efficiency and ease of use, especially in remote areas or during power outages. This light is a game-changer for eco-friendly, hassle-free illumination.


  • Energy-efficient and eco-friendly with solar power.
  • Convenient motion sensor and remote control operation.
  • Waterproof and reliable in all weather conditions.


  • May require direct sunlight for optimal charging.
  • The brightness might be too intense for some applications.
  • Limited to areas with sufficient sunlight exposure.

4. 3000LM 188 LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Light

Best Solar Lights: 3000LM 188 LED Motion Sensor Outdoor Solar Light
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Homeowners looking for a bright, motion-sensitive, and eco-friendly outdoor security lighting solution without the hassle of wiring.

These Solar Outdoor Lights boast a powerful 3000LM output and advanced motion sensor technology, perfect for homeowners seeking enhanced security and eco-friendly illumination. You’ll love the upgraded dual PIR motion detector that can sense movement up to 40 feet away, giving you peace of mind.

The extra-large tempered glass solar panel, with a 35% conversion rate, guarantees efficient energy capture. Plus, the 4-head design provides a wide 270-degree illumination area, covering more ground effectively.

Made from high-strength ABS+PC material, these lights are IP65 waterproof and resistant to all weather conditions. Installation is a breeze with no wires or adapters needed. With three working modes, you can adjust settings to meet your specific lighting needs. Enjoy the 24-month warranty and round-the-clock customer support, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


  • Advanced motion detection up to 40 feet.
  • Wide 270-degree illumination area.
  • Easy installation with no wires or adapters.


  • Dependence on sunlight for charging may limit performance in cloudy weather.
  • The brightness may be too intense for small or enclosed spaces.
  • Limited color options are available.

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5. INCX Waterproof outside Solar Lights – 12 Pack

Best Solar Lights: INCX Waterproof outside Solar Lights - 12 Pack
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Homeowners seeking an easy-to-install, eco-friendly lighting solution for gardens, walkways, and outdoor spaces.

If you’re seeking a durable and easy-to-install solar lighting solution for your garden or pathway, the INCX Solar Lights for Outside (12 Pack) offers a robust and eco-friendly option with its stainless steel body and integrated light sensor. These lights are designed to provide bright, ambient white light using 8 LEDs per fixture, making your outdoor spaces inviting and safe.

With an IP65 waterproof rating, they can withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance year-round. Installation is a breeze thanks to their wireless design—no tools or wiring are needed. Each light features a remote control for added convenience.

Although some users have noted durability issues, overall feedback highlights their excellent value and ease of assembly. Illuminate your walkways and gardens effortlessly with these stylish and efficient solar lights.


  • Durable stainless steel body with IP65 waterproof rating
  • Easy assembly and wireless installation
  • Integrated light sensor and remote control for convenient operation


  • Some issues with durability in specific conditions
  • Mixed feedback on pricing
  • Reports of water resistance problems in certain environments

6. Outdoor Solar Street Light 3200W with Motion Sensor (3-Pack)

Best Solar Lights: Outdoor Solar Street Light 3200W
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Those seeking energy-efficient, easy-to-install outdoor lighting with powerful illumination and weather resistance.

Why not brighten your outdoor areas with the powerful 3200W Solar Street Light 3200W with Motion Sensor (3-Pack), perfect for those seeking energy efficiency and easy installation? With a whopping 300000LM lumination, these lights illuminate your space brilliantly.

The built-in 33000mAh battery and 30W solar panel guarantee you won’t have to worry about electricity bills. They feature three lighting modes and a 7000K color temperature, offering 240° wide-angle lighting that adapts well to harsh weather, thanks to their IP67 waterproof rating.

Customers rave about their energy efficiency and ease of installation. These lights are made from durable Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and come with a 12-month after-sales service, ensuring you get the best value.

Brighten up your nights with these fantastic lights!


  • High lumination with 300000LM and 240° wide-angle lighting.
  • Energy-efficient with a built-in 33000mAh battery and 30W solar panel.
  • IP67 waterproof rating for adaptation to harsh weather conditions.


  • Some customers mentioned concerns about brightness levels.
  • Limited remote control range.
  • Only available in black color.

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7. 1000W Solar IP65 Waterproof Commerical Light

Best Solar Lights: 1000W Solar IP65 Waterproof Commerical Light
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Homeowners seeking powerful, eco-friendly outdoor lighting solutions for yards, garages, gardens, and playgrounds.

For homeowners seeking powerful illumination and eco-friendly solutions, the 100000LM 1000W Solar Street Lights with 384 LEDs offer an ideal blend of brightness, durability, and ease of installation.

These lights are solar-powered and feature dusk-to-dawn motion detection, making them perfect for yards, garages, gardens, and playgrounds.

With an impressive 6000K daylight white, you’ll get super bright coverage and the IP65 waterproof rating guarantees they’ll withstand various weather conditions.

You can easily install them on a pole or wall. Intelligent controls, including a light sensor and motion detection, enhance their efficiency.

Plus, they come with a remote control for added convenience. Despite some mixed reviews on battery life and longevity, most users rave about their performance and ease of use.


  • Super bright 6000K daylight white with wide area coverage
  • Easy installation on both poles and walls
  • Waterproof and durable with an IP65 rating


  • Mixed reviews on battery life and longevity
  • Some users found the light less powerful than expected
  • Performance over time may vary according to user feedback

8. Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with 3 Lighting Modes (4 Pack)

Best Solar Lights: Solar Lights Outdoor 120 LED with 3 Lighting Modes
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Eco-conscious homeowners seeking enhanced security and garden charm with easy installation and reliable performance.

These Solar Lights Outdoor with Motion Sensors (4 Pack) are perfect for eco-conscious homeowners looking to enhance their home’s security and garden charm. With 120 powerful LEDs and three versatile lighting modes, these lights offer impressive brightness and functionality.

You’ll appreciate the high-efficiency solar panel, which boasts a 20.5% conversion rate, ensuring excellent energy use. The lights feature a 270° coverage angle, providing ample illumination for larger areas.

Constructed with durable, IP65 waterproof materials, these lights withstand various weather conditions. Installation is a breeze with wireless setup and multiple mounting options. Customers rave about the motion sensor’s sensitivity and ease of installation. Plus, the longevity of the battery and positive reviews make these lights a reliable choice for any home.


  • High-efficiency solar panel with a 20.5% conversion rate.
  • Durable IP65 waterproof construction.
  • Easy wireless setup with multiple mounting options.


  • Battery replacement may be necessary over time.
  • Limited lighting modes (only three available).
  • Dependence on sunlight for charging.

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9. JACKYLED 113LED Solar Lights Outdoor with Motion Sensor

Best Solar Lights: JACKYLED 113LED Solar Lights Outdoor with Motion Sensor
Image Source – Amazon

Best For: Homeowners looking for a flexible, bright, and easy-to-install outdoor lighting solution with a reliable motion sensor.

If you’re looking for a flexible and powerful lighting solution, the JACKYLED Solar Lights Outdoor with Motion Sensor offers 113 bright LEDs and a separate installation with a 16.4ft extension cord. This setup provides you with the freedom to place the high-power solar panel in the best sunlit spot while positioning the lights where you need them most.

The motion sensor has three lighting modes, ensuring you find the perfect setting for your garden or home. Installation is a breeze, and with its IP65 waterproof rating, you won’t have to worry about harsh weather.

Customers rave about its easy mounting and efficient sensor, though some have mixed feelings about its performance in varying conditions. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.


  • Separate installation with 16.4ft extension cord for optimal positioning
  • 113 bright LEDs providing excellent illumination
  • IP65 waterproof rating ensures durability in harsh weather


  • Mixed feedback on light functionality in different scenarios
  • Some concerns about battery life
  • Brightness might not meet everyone’s expectations in all conditions

Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Lights

When selecting solar lights, I take into account several key factors to guarantee they meet my needs.

Brightness and lumens dictate how much light they’ll provide, while battery capacity impacts how long they’ll stay lit.

Additionally, weather resistance, installation ease, and available lighting modes all play vital roles in making the best choice for my home and garden.

Brightness and Lumens

Choosing the right solar lights starts with understanding how brightness and lumens affect their performance and suitability for various applications. Lumens measure the total amount of visible light emitted by a source; in simple terms, higher lumens mean brighter light output.

When picking solar lights, consider your specific needs. For accent lighting, look for lights with 400-1000 lumens. These provide enough brightness to highlight garden features or pathways without overwhelming the area. However, if you need security or task lighting, aim for lights with over 1000 lumens to guarantee a well-lit, safe environment.

Think about the area you want to illuminate. Larger spaces might require multiple high-lumen lights or lights with a wider beam angle to cover more ground effectively. Balancing brightness with battery life is essential, as higher lumens can drain the battery faster.

Make sure the solar panel is efficient enough to recharge the battery adequately, even with higher energy demands.

Understanding lumens helps you choose the right solar lights for your specific needs, whether you’re aiming for aesthetic appeal or enhanced security. By focusing on lumens, you can create a brighter, eco-friendly home and garden that meets all your lighting requirements.

Battery Capacity

After understanding the importance of lumens for brightness, let’s explore how battery capacity impacts the performance and reliability of your solar lights.

Battery capacity is vital because it determines how long your lights can stay illuminated after a full charge. The higher the battery capacity, the longer your solar lights will run, especially during cloudy days when sun exposure is limited.

When choosing solar lights, look for options with larger battery capacities, as these will provide extended lighting durations. Battery capacity is measured in milliampere-hours (mAh), which directly influences the overall efficiency of your solar lights.

For example, a solar light with a 2000 mAh battery will generally last longer and perform better than one with a 1000 mAh battery.

It’s important to take into account your specific lighting needs and the location’s sun exposure. If your area gets less sunlight or you need lights to last all night, opting for higher battery capacity is vital. This ensures that your garden or home remains well-lit even on dreary days.

Weather Resistance

Everyone should take into account weather resistance when selecting solar lights to guarantee they can withstand outdoor elements and provide reliable performance. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to look for lights with a high IP rating, like IP65 or IP68. These numbers indicate the lights are weatherproof and can handle rain, snow, and even dust. It’s like giving your lights a suit of armor against the elements.

Choosing solar lights made from durable materials like ABS plastic or stainless steel is another smart move. These materials resist wear and tear from harsh weather, ensuring your lights shine brightly through all seasons. Plus, sealed components are vital. They prevent water from seeping in, which means your lights will keep working even in the rainiest or most humid conditions.

Don’t forget to take into account the weather’s impact on the solar panels themselves. Cloudy days or shaded spots can affect how well the panels charge, so it’s important to position them wisely. Features like frostproof design or UV protection also help maintain performance in various climates.

Installation Ease

When picking solar lights for your home and garden, installation ease can make all the difference in guaranteeing a smooth and stress-free setup. I’ve found that opting for solar lights with features like wireless design, stake mounts, or wall mounts can greatly reduce the hassle. These options eliminate the need for complicated wiring, making the process straightforward.

Choosing lights that come with clear instructions and require minimal tools is another way to guarantee a smooth installation. You don’t want to spend hours deciphering an instruction manual when you could be enjoying your new lights. Look for user-friendly designs with pre-drilled holes, detachable parts, or simple attachment mechanisms. These features allow for quick and easy setup, saving time and effort.

Furthermore, lights with adjustable components or extension cords offer more flexibility in the placement, letting you customize their positioning to suit your garden’s layout.

Before making a purchase, it’s wise to check customer reviews that mention installation ease. These reviews can provide real-world insights into the setup process and help you avoid products that might be more trouble than they’re worth. By considering these factors, you can make sure that your solar lighting experience is as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Lighting Modes

Understanding the different lighting modes is essential for optimizing the performance and functionality of your solar lights. When choosing solar lights, you’ll notice options like low, medium, and high brightness levels. These modes allow you to tailor the light output to your specific needs, whether you’re looking for a subtle glow or a bright spotlight.

Some solar lights come with motion sensor capabilities, adding another layer of customization. For instance, they might offer constant light, dim mode, or sensor mode, which activates the light when it detects movement. This is especially useful for conserving energy, as the light only brightens when necessary, saving power and extending the battery life.

Lighting modes aren’t just about energy efficiency; they also enhance the versatility of your solar lights. By adjusting the brightness based on ambient light levels or motion detection, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. Whether you’re lighting up your garden for a party or ensuring safety around your home, understanding and utilizing these modes can make a significant difference.

In essence, different lighting modes provide the flexibility to customize your solar lights according to your preferences, making your home and garden both eco-friendly and brilliantly illuminated.


I’m genuinely excited about the variety and efficiency of the best solar lights of 2024. They offer not only bright and reliable lighting but also eco-friendly solutions for your home and garden.

Whether you need high-lumen floodlights, stylish stainless steel designs, or motion sensors for added security, these solar lights have you covered. Investing in them means enhancing your outdoor spaces while supporting sustainability, making your home both beautiful and environmentally conscious.

Don’t wait—light up your life today!

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