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This ad definitly makes someone think about what the world would be like without winter. It gives global warming a new spin on it's threat.


2.7decent weasel’s
I think this ad fails to get across what catastrophic global warming would actually do to us. It wouldn't be a matter of the place just being warmer. It'd be a matter of huge numbers of severe storms, which are especially destructive to a species that lives overwhelmingly in littoral areas. It'd be a matter of redistributed weather patterns that cause severe droughts. It'd be a matter of ever-dwindling resources and the wars we'd fight over them. We wouldn't die of not having winter. We'd die of flood, storm, starvation and war. It's not that the ad's too ugly - it's that it's not ugly enough.

I think this Ad is funny, clever and effective. It definitely stands out in a group of green ads. WWF has Ads similar to this where only images are used to carry the message of the campaign. This kind of visual rhetoric is only effective if it is properly placed in the media, otherwise it just seems like there is not enough information to know what it is going on. The visual rhetoric used is meant to make the viewer think and make their own decisions about how they can get involved with the green movement. With a minimal use of words this Ad is raising awareness of global warming and warning people about the possible future consequences of the way we live in this planet. One thing that could make this ad better would be including a website or more information about GREENPEACE. The Ad definitely makes you think but it does not clearly suggest any further action. Overall this Ad does a great job at creating conscience of the effects we have on the world. With the use of a very creative image we are confronted with the fact that one day we may no longer have a winter.