Where Does Your Energy Come From?

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Green Mountain Energy appears to have the green marketing concept down. I did some web research and the claims this company makes seem to be pretty legitimate. Instead of using coal burning as a source of energy, Green Mountain uses wind and solar energy. They, in my opinion, are not “greenwashing,” even though they have “facilities,” which generally carry along with them some type of pollution, their first facility was actually an online facility. Green Mountain claims they are responsible for avoiding over 530,000 tons of carbon dioxide which sounds pretty good; it does, however, claim to be 100% pollution free, and I find this hard to believe, but at the same time, it is hard to conceive that wind and air in and of themselves can create pollution. I think this company is doing a good job and should not stray from its path of being aware of pollutants and not giving information that is deceiving and/or untrue


I agree, having been a former customer of Green Mountain Energy, it's a great alternative to have. I think the actual process can be confusing for the consumer, and I repeatedly had inlaws who worked in the energy business tell me they were lying...which was hard to fight against. It would be great if green offerings also made mention or offered a certification of their actual business practices being green as well. A great outlet for this is the EarthRight Certification program that certifies just that. It's a new certification institute that not only certifies, but trains staff in sustainability management...headquartered here in SLC. Say Hello to my home state, stuttspromo! Holly-www.greenrisingmarketing.com