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I would rate this product a 3 on the greenwashing index. I believe that this grill a good alternative, but is not necessarily the best choice when it comes preserving the environment. The best choice would be the solar grill. The solar grill does not use as much gas emissions, and you would not be cutting down more trees. This product would only be a greener option if the grill was to replace an old or broken grill. It wouldn’t make sense to buy an additional grill or exchange this for a functional grill. Both wood and charcoal are derived from trees and both are harmful to the environment. The only difference is that charcoal produces more gas emissions. The wood pellets for the grill require virgin wood and federal requirements state that recycle wood cannot be used. Wood is required by both charcoal and wood pellets, which can be cause in deforestations and less trees.


This is a good ad. It explains the components of the grill in depth. Shows how it is the most environmentaly friendly. However, there are a lot of words on it.