Tar sands are beneficial for all canadians

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This add from the Canadian Association of Petrolium Producers is a big lie from the first second to the last. It states that tar sands are economically beneficial for Canadians of all ages, all school levels, all working sectors. But what about the harm it does to Canadian environment and landscapes, global warming and health of communities living close by exploitation sites? I find the French version is even more delusive. It currently airs on Radio-Canada, the Canadian national public television and radio broadcaster, all over the country. Shame on you Canada!


It basically overlook the harm done to the environment and the impact on global warming. It focuses only short on economical benefits. It states that tar sand will bring long term economical benefits to Canadian which I believe is false. The French add: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lHhLRTIjjE

It would seem that the definition of greenwashing requires the ad to make a claim about the company's green practices or about how the company and/or the company's products benefit the environment. I certainly don't believe that this company is helping/cares about the environment, however in this particular ad they never claimed to. This ad only spoke about alleged economic benefits and never made any green claims. I don't really like calling the ad "authentic", but I think it would be dishonest to label it greenwashing.