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I believe this ad gets the point across very clearly. Frito-Lays took advantage of the natural titled brand of Sun Chips to show that they care about the environment as a company. This ad is a very bright, happy and makes you the reader feel hopeful. I truly believe that the Sun chips brand is not Green washing their ads because they actually use evidence to back up what the ad is saying about the disposable bags the chips are in. Even the ad it self is disposable. Instead of just making up information and putting it on the ad, Sun chips actually backed up their claim. I believe this ad is not misleading in anyway. Sun-Chips not only use disposable bags but they also use solar energy to run their plants. So not only is their name Sun-chips but they are actually made with the help from the sun which makes the product more disirable. If there is a way to make the ad not so wordy but get the same point across I believe that is the only area of the ad the company should work on. But other than that I really liked this ad and thought it was very informative.


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