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Sun Chips does a good job with "greenwashing" in this ad which means that a company spends more time advertising being "green" then actually implementing environmentally friendly practices into their company. Who would have thought solar energy had anything to do with making chips? I guess it does and I guess Sun Chips decided to jump on the green-wagon. This ad after seeing it makes me think more about how solar energy is directly related to the making of chips then wanting to actually go buy a bag of sun chips. I know that was a mouth full but this ad is a brain full. I think the design if very unique and innovative. The whole shadow casting thing is quite neat however besides the relationship of the SUN in "Sun Chips" and the sun in solar energy I see no relationship as to how the chips are made with the sun. Maybe I don't know enough about the chip-making process...who knows. What I do know though is that this ad is definitely GreenWashing. It is an ad which tells you that the chips are made with the sun but not how the Sun Chips are doing anything directly related to preserving the environment. They should show an ad with a bag of Sun Chips that says "Recycle this bag when you're done". What's the ad worth if everyone after eating the chips made from the sun just threw their bag to the ground? Absolutely nothing.


I think this ad is pretty good. Sun chips is using the eco friendly "solar power" ad alongside with the fact that their chips are supposedly made from the sun. I think it is good idea and definitely gets the attention of people. I am not completely convinced about how "green" they actually are, but I don't think this ad is complete greenwashing. I feel like they have a good point and that since they do market as a more natural product, I think Sunchips is making a good effort to be "green" but they need to do more as well.