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Smartshield sun screen has been around since about 1992 and is economically friendly. Smartshield is non-oily and the ingredients are free of chemicals. It is a tough sunscreen that absorbed quickly into the skin, provided all-day protection, and does not come off during outdoor activities. The commercial I found on smartshield relates using the sun screen to everyday activities, which most consumers participate in outdoors. The smartshield commercial also relates the chances of getting sun cancer while doing outdoor activities. The commercial makes consumers aware and alert that there is a product out there to protect your skin from skin cancer and is also eco-friendly. I rated this commercial with a low score, because it relays a message of the importance of protecting your skin and is an eco-friendly product. Smartshield’s sun screen is an excellent example of green washing. It demonstrates green washing by not using harsh chemicals in their ingredients. Smartshield has turned something that most consumer’s use to protect their skin and also made it to be eco-friendly. I suggest that they continue keep their skin care product line eco-friendly and keep connecting their ads to everyday activities that consumers can relate themselves to.


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