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I think that the ad is deceptive because Walmart, one of the largest retail outlets in the world, is constantly growing and looking for new revenue streams and in the past hasn't really cared too much about the environment. This ad engages in greenwashing because it invokes a sense of environmental responsibility from a company that in my opinion hasn't exhibited much in the past. Walmart superstores take up acres and acres of land each, not to mention that Walmart carries its own brands which have to be manufactured which is also detrimental to the environment. I gave the ad a low score because I don't believe that Walmart is trying to be as green a company as they lead people to believe. While I do believe Walmart is trying to be more green, the ad is misleading in the sense that they are not yet ready to advertise what they are trying to portray; they are simply not on that level yet. It is also kind of misleading with the words "Reducing Prices and More" because the reader cannot tell to what extent. Ultimately they could be reducing prices and maybe recycling a few more bottles and doing nothing else. The extent to which a company tries to improve their green marketing efforts is a huge factor. Some companies will do a little here and there while others reshape corporate structure and manufacturing processes around it. Basically it is just too hard to tell from this ad what exactly Walmart is doing in their efforts to become more green and reducing pollution. For Walmart I would suggest that they continue their efforts to be a green company but take a more gradual approach to their ads instead of showing luscious trees and forests maybe showcase an area of land that Walmart personally helped to clean up and restore. While I still think Walmart's expansion is becoming too broad for many natural areas to survive they are taking the right steps to try to improve their image through green marketing.


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It's WalMart need we say more.