PaperMate Biodegradable Pen

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This ad makes me mad because it is misleading. Only part of the pen is biodegradable, for one thing. Secondly, the pen will never be able to degrade since our waste stream ends up in landfills which simply do not promote proper decomposition. I hate claims of being biodegradable (which usually should say compostable) that manipulate peoples' lack of knowledge about product lifecycle in terms of how our waste stream actually works.


I completely agree with you. This Ad is very misleading and also not clear about a lot of important aspects about the product. The Ad is 32 seconds long and half of the time is wasted worshiping the amazing performance of the pens. Everybody has written with a PaperMate pen. We know what they write like and it is no different than any other pen. The Ad introduces the new Biodegradable pen and it shows in really small font: "Majority of components are biodegradable in soil/home compost in about a year". Why would you not use the time in the Ad explaining this a little more? What constitutes the majority of the pen and which parts of it will need to be trashed with the regular trash? This Ad makes me question the intentions of PaperMate with creating a biodegradable pen. Did they really want to make a difference or just seem like they want to make a difference? I think that if they wanted to make a difference they could have created a pen with environment friendly ink (not gel,) that was simpler and therefore possibly completely biodegradable. Technology might not be as developed as we would like for it to be to make a completely biodegradable pen affordable. Therefore it is important to specify what parts of the pen will dissolve back into the earth and which will not. I also do not think biodegradable pens are the best option to reduce pen waste. I think a better quality, refillable pen would be a lot more feasible to produce and a lot more affordable. Those clearly already exist and my question is why companies would not focus on making those more popular instead of trying to create "biodegradable pens"?

This ad seems pretty legitimate in it's claims. First I was weary about how long it actually takes the pen to degrade, but there is a footnoot that says it takes usually about a year to degrade into soil/dirt. Also, the ad doesn't overstate how green the company is. I just says it's the only company with a biodegradable pen.