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The need for environmentally sustainable lawn mowers is apparent. The EPA released statistics that said pre-1997 lawn mowers contributed to 5% of our nation's air pollution as they can release upwards of 87lbs of CO2 into the air. Neuton, a lawn and garden equipment manufacturer, has recently produced a battery-powered lawn mower that they claim is environmentally sustainable that meets this need. The validity of this claim is backed up by several facts: First and foremost it should be highlighted that Neuton produces a battery-powered lawn mower instead of relying on gasoline. Battery-powered lawn mowers produce less pollutant than gasoline so fewer emissions are spewed into the atmosphere. Along these lines, users of battery-powered lawn mowers do not have to worry about spilling gasoline, which can seep into and contaminate the soil and surrounding groundwater. Finally, the Neuton lawn mowers are quieter than traditional lawn mowers. Thus, Neuton also succeeds at reducing noise pollution compared to other brands. The Neuton lawn mowers also have several benefits that directly relate to the consumer. The ease of use of this brand of lawn mowers is greater than others. Neuton lawn mowers are not as heavy so they are easier to maneuver and push. Also, as they are not gasoline powered, users do not have to inhale bad exhaust fumes as they mow their lawns. If there were one downside to this brand, it would be the finite battery life. This means that you will have to remember to recharge your battery after each use. This requires energy, and, if the consumer leaves the battery plugged in for an extended period of time or simply forget to unplug the charger, he or she will be wasting energy. Having a limited battery life also means that the consumer will have to periodically replace sealed, lead acid battery. Consumers should be warned to bring the battery to an appropriate recycling center to properly dispose of the battery. However, another key perk to the Neuton brand is the fact that East Penn Manufacturing produces Neuton's battery. East Penn will accept all depleted batteries and they have over 100 distribution centers throughout the country, which is convenient. Finally, to demonstrate that they truly strive to be a sustainable business, Neuton gives 1% of their profits to non-profit organizations that work to clean up the air.


Neuton only focuses on the "Use" phase of the total product life cycle. When you look at environmental impacts from the cradle to grave of both gasoline and battery powered mowers the results are quite similar. Consumers forget to take into account the Neuton's deck is made of plastic, and it uses a lead acid battery. Many of the owner's manuals for battery operated mowers recommend that the battery always be charged.