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This ad isn't really an ad, its actually Mars Inc's sustainability initiative. If you take a look at their initiative (http://www.mars.com/global/brands/cocoa-sustainability-home.aspx), they look very engaged with sustainability. However I was wondering how legitimate it actually is. Thanks for your help.


I looked at the sustainability initiative and some other sources - I found that the company pretty extensive engagement in sustainability - and more than that - they are a company that takes the first step and leads the way for other companies on environmental & social issues (probably since there are no corporate shareholders to limit this activity). Some are pretty darn aggressive - For example they have absolute targets (0 in a generation), not relative targets for CO2 reduction goals - very unusual for the biz world. Mars has pledged to buy 100% of its cocoa, coffee, tea, fish and palm oil from sources certified as sustainable by third parties. That is huge - can you imagine if other multinationals did the same? Anyway - not only for what they do but for showing it can be done in such a large company - pretty impressive.