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While this ad doesn't necessarily make any specific verbal statements that are untrue, the overall message conveyed by the visuals and spoken words seem to be making a statement that is fairly misleading. For example, while the Lexus LS600h is certainly "powered very differently" (with Lexus' hybrid drive system) and while it certainly does have class leading CO2 emissions what the ad fails to mention is that the LS 600h's increase in fuel economy is very small especially when compared to other hybrids on the market. In fact the Lexus gets an in-city rating of 20mpg versus the regular LS 600's 16mpg denoting a small increase of only 4mpg. For highway driving the hybrid actually gets worse fuel economy than the non-hybrid most likely due to its increased curb weight. In addition the visuals of the ad showing an invisible force making wind waves in a wheat field or blocking rain from hitting the sidewalk seem to imply that the car will have an "invisible" effect on nature or at least an extremely negligible effect. The truth is that the hybrid drive system trades almost all of its extra efficiency for increased performance and not for increased fuel economy or environmentally positive effects


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