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I gave this ad a low score because I think it is straight to the point. It has a strong ability to catch the attention of many people. The ad doesn't mislead with any words or visuals. The claim it makes about going green is not vague and doesn’t mask over information trying to make the green claim sound better. Overall I think this is a great ad for all ages and genders. To further their success, The Eagles should continue tying in sports with the incentive of “go green”. This helps people that enjoy sports and might not be go green conscious, to become more aware. They should also make it obvious that their not just focusing on sports but on also on promoting “go green”. By doing this they will be able to catch the attention of not only sports fans but also those who are more aware of our environment.


The term "greenwashing" is when a company spends more time and money claiming to be "green" through advertising and marketing than actually implementing business pratices that minimize environment impact. This Philadelphia Eagle's "GO GREEN" ad does just that. The words aren't so much misleading, but it's the visuals that mislead the viewer. It is a clever way to get involoved because green is actually one of the Eagle's colors. I believe this ads is focusing more on the color green then actually going green for the environment. Also, it doesn't actually say go they will go green. This ad is very creative but it doesn't show how the Philadelphia Eagle's will help the environment.

, however there were several undesirable parts of this ad. Although, this ad was very appealing and eye-catching it did not generate a completely low score because it was misleading in a few ways. First, the ad was very misleading with graphics because the ad used a man painted green who was cheering for his football team to try and persuade consumers that going green is the way to go. The ad is trying to imply that the Philadelphia Eagles are going green, yet the ad saying nothing about the company actually going green. The ad also makes a "go green" claim that is very vague, however if you go to the website that is provided on the ad it has alot of information on how to go green. The ad does not overstate how green the company really is. The ad did not mislead with words because the ad addresses that going green is not easy, but it is worth it. The ad does however, leave out important information on how the company is going green. Overall, the ad was pretty creative.