“I was made for you” Olympics GM Commercial

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General Motors (GM) claims to be an environmentally responsible car company. In this ad, GM informs consumers that their vehicles go "for miles and miles on every gallon", yet they manufacture the most cars that have 15 mpg or worse in city driving. General Motors advertises hybrid, biofuel, and clean diesel vehicles. Whereas most hybrid vehicles are battery and gas operated, they claim that the Chevy Volt is entirely electric; the Volt only runs on battery for 40 miles before switching over to gasoline. The ad also emphasizes their use of fuel cells which create zero emissions. In their efforts to produce this effect, GM had to create a loophole to reduce the average fuel economy of a car-makers fleet. In the essence of trying to persuade consumers about their environmentally friendly vehicles, GM was really just trying to lower the car industry's standards to paint a prettier picture. General Motors is trying to beat around the bush in their advertising, but what they are saying is still true so we can't degrade them for that. In my opinion, GM does a good job of being portrayed by consumers as environmentally friendly and staying true to their word so I gave them a lower score.


"GM Reports 2012 Net Income of $4.9 Billion- 02/14/2013" means that they only earn more that s reason i don trust any idea from this kind of big companies.