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Stop just CLEANING. Start HEALTHING." So goes Lysol's new slogan. Ironic, considering the fact that 80% of Lysol's products earned D or F ratings on EWG's Guide to Healthy Cleaners. The ad begins with a small child riding a tricycle. A wagon hooked to it displays the message "Why do we clean?" The announcer goes on to say that we clean to stay healthy. She claims that Lysol products are so much healthier than alternative products that they needed to invent a brand new term for cleaning in order to accurately describe the way Lysol brand cleans. The term? HEALTHING. The ad continues: The word HEALTHING sits on a large bed of green grass. The Lysol truck pulls the bed of grass through the neighborhood and happy children and moms run outside at the sight to follow. Even a pediatrician joins in on the fun, because apparently pediatricians know what they're talking about when they recommend which chemicals are safest to spray around newborns. The ad ends with "HEALTHING" lighting up. Everyone cheers, because finally- finally a cleaning product company understands that all they really want is to keep their families, their children, their schools, and their neighborhoods HEALTHY.


Making up a new catchword like "healthing" really muddies the water; it makes everything sound spiffy, but I doubt that Lysol has actually changed the chemical ingredients in their products -- at least the ad doesn't make any claims as such. They say Lysol is the number one cleaning brand recommended by pediatricians; this is a very vague claim -- who did the poll that this claim is based on? What alternatives were presented? Lysol is a highly recognized brand name, so it is one that comes to mind easily for many people; how many people have tried, or even know about, brands such as Seventh Generation? The ad portrays too many happy people, seemingly the whole town; this is highly exaggerated. I don't think anybody gets that emotional about a cleaning product.

What exactly is "Healthing"?