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This is a mythical and grotesque distortion of reality. EDF, Electricite de France is presenting itself as british and green, it is, in fact, a french government owned nuclear energy company with fuel burning power stations. For this campaign that is rumoured to have a budget of 50million british pounds, they have simply taken the iconic green union jack flag, that was created by Ecotricity (a genuinely 100% green energy provider and blasted it across the British media as their own. it is not just deceptive, it is cruel. brits will think that EDF is friendly ant it is not. it is toxic. this company is shameful and its advertising is nothing more than climate change war propaganda.


Firstly the green union flag has been part of the branding of Ecotricity, a British and green energy company, for the past few years. EDF are "trading off" the image and goodwill of Ecotricity. Secondly EDF are French and generate nuclear-powered energy so the green credentials of nuclear waste are disputable - EDF are the third largest producer of nuclear waste in the world. If EDF have the clout of a £50M ad budget then it must also be remembered that the brother of the British Prime Minister is EDF's Media Director and last year EDF brought British Energy for £12.5BN after Britain announced its nuclear ambitions back in 2006. More here http://bit.ly/jr5QN