GE ecomagination – Discovery at Spring Trails

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I believe that GE is headed in the right direction with their idea of ecomagination- a green community, but I don't believe their there quite yet. Therefore, I gave them an undesirable score. The reason why I gave them an undesirable score is because I believe their spending more time and money claiming to be "green" through their advertisement then they actually are. In the campaign, GE claims they reduce energy use and green house gas emissions through a variety of their GE appliances that are stocked in every home. But what GE doesn't state in the campaign is by how much these appliances reduce energy costs, exactly what appliances reduce these emissions, how much these appliances contribute to being green, or if the consumer has to upgrade the grade of appliances in order for the house to be the most efficient. The ad also only shows one appliance that would actually come with the purchase of the house. Otherwise the ad shows appliances the consumer would otherwise have to go out and buy independently.


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