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If you look at their website, they say it's "sustainable" to use heated water to clean a bottle they give you and then fill with cold water, while watching ads on a television: https://www.evivestation.com/#conscience Pretty dubious from an LCA point of view....


Evive Stations actually use room temp water to blast off dirt and a heated 50 ppm solution to sanitize. The entire cleaning and filling process uses less than .05 kWh to wash a bottle, dry it, and fill it with cold, filtered, uv treated water. Evive understands that heating water is one of the most energy intensive practices on the planet. In comparison, very conservative estimates show a single-use bottle of water has an lca of about 1.45 kWh to get to a consumer (not to mention 1 out of 6 are thrown into a land-fill). Just as startling, if a consumer uses hot water to wash their reusable bottle, they are using significantly more energy than Evive Station. It takes me about 2 minutes to wash my bottle if I'm really hustling. I use hot water because that is what sanitizes the bottle when I clean it with Dish Soap. The average sink flows at about 2.5 gallons per minute, and it takes about .166 kWh to heat 1 gallon of water. So if you take all that into consideration, I use about 5 gallons of water and .83 kWh of energy. Evive is a start-up and might not have all the facts out there but rest assured, it is a better solution. One of Evive Staiton's founders has an MBA in Sustainability from Duquesne - Evive is not greenwashing.

Way better for the environment than buying bottled water, or even washing the bottle at home with hot water!