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Ash City is a 25 year old company that creates many different types of apparel. e.c.o. is their newest collection, due to the going green craze, and it has been very successful. I gave this ad a low score because their information is true and the product is obviously environmentally friendly. This ad is clearly not one contributing to the other Greenwashing ads because it is noticeable the company is indeed trying to help out the environment by means of recycling. The fact that this ad does not mislead with words or visuals and it also doesn’t exaggerate the ‘greenness’ of the product brings the Greenwashing index score to a one. This concept of creating recycled clothing out of water bottles was showcased on MSNBC one night and I found it very interesting. To continue their success, I think Ash City should emphasize this idea of recycled clothing - especially the fact that recycled polyester is made from water bottles. Not many people know what recycled polyester is so it sounds like just another fancy term for cotton. Ash City’s clothes are a little pricey, but I could see people who had the money paying for the clothes because of the notion. If the trend were to catch on, hopefully other companies would start making their clothes in a similar fashion to encourage recycling.


The claims for recycled polyester clothing are valid but those for bamboo are not. Bamboo does not contain any spinnable fiber in its natural form. Textiles made from bamboo are actually made from viscose rayon. To make bamboo clothing, the first step is to produce high alpha cellulose dissolving pulp in a chemical pulp mill. The process tarts with acid hydrolysis followed by Kraft cooking and then bleaching. The dissolving pulp is then steeped in caustic soda and treated with carbon disulfide to produce the rayon filament. The process can be reasonably clean if done to Western environmental standards. However, as bamboo fabric comes mainly from China, it is unknown if Western environmental standards have been used. Also, the process steam and power in China are likely generated using coal. To date, no one has done a life cycle analysis on bamboo textiles so there is no way to claim that they are eco-friendly.