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I think the ad is a great ad. With the use of the Eco-Bag, they are able to eliminate the use of plastic and paper bags, which are just thrown away. I think this company is doing a great job, and a way that they can keep up the good work would be to make the bags more recognized. Maybe even work out a plan with grocery stores to ONLY allow these eco-bags!


1.2decent weasel’s
I like the idea of dispensing with large amounts of disposed plastic bags, but the ad implies we need to buy a new product to do this. Everything we buy has to be manufactured and transported to us, and that has an impact on the environment. As someone who backpacks to the grocery store, these bags are useful if needed and they may be the best option for many people. But you can get around the need for a new product by reusing your existing packs. They're not for everybody, sure, but a rucksack is roomier and a lot easier to carry than several overloaded cloth grocery bags.

I agree with others. While some may want a designer shopping bag, this ad seems to make it trendy rather than practical.