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It's great seeing Coke, "the world's largest fillers of landfills" make an effort to preserve the environment by encouraging recycling and adopting the PlantBottle since 75% of their bottles end up in landfills. However I feel the ad is misleading consumers into believing coke is more green than what it actually is. The money they have actually spent on green marketing and green upgrades does not even put a dent in the billions of dollars they make each year. Yes the few millions they do spend is a generous amount when you're not looking at the big picture but they could be giving a whole lot more for the environment rather than focusing on brand image.


While I believe it's great that Coca-Cola is trying to reverse some of the damage it's materials have caused over the years, this ad does not mask how Coke is not entirely a "green" company. Recycling is a good start and encouraging consumers to take part in this act is a commendable step, there is still so much Coke, and other similar companies, need to do to become green. In this ad, Coke says one can decrease their carbon footprint by 40%, but unless someone checked on this further, there is no way to know if this statistic is true or not. Also, this ad, while it does address the need to recycle plastic bottles, it doesn't address how after a certain period of time bottles break down and are no longer capable of being recycled, then they therefore end up in the landfill after all. I'm not aware of how much Coke is spending on green marketing in comparison to their profits, but I do know that they could spend more on transforming their factories into green infrastructures and use green methods to produce the cola. There is no question that Coke has made more moves towards becoming a recognizable green company but there is so much more it needs to do besides telling consumers to recycle.