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Chevrolet has posted this ad in an attempt to out due their competitors. Chevy states that they offer more lines of vehicles which can get 30 miles per gallon (MPG). First, making it competitive deceives the reader into preferring Chevrolet over other companies. What Chevrolet doesn't state is that the other companies listed get better gas mileage in traffic because of more sophisticated emission systems. Chevrolet may be able to get 30+ on the highway, but in town where most drivers are located, Chevrolet vehicles are unable to match their competitors. I gave Chevy a mid grade rating because I feel they can do better when it comes to advertising their green practices. Shutting other companies down in an ad and leaving out pertinent information could be detrimental if the other companies were to backfire. In regards to the actual image I believe Chevy deceives the reader because the cars they are referring to lack great emission systems, therefore they are not "green." Chevy should concentrate on their company and not others. If Chevy has such a better line of vehicles as they state then their vehicles shouldn't be a problem to market/advertise to consumers. Aslo actual information besides 30mpg could benefit Chevy as well.


30 mpg isn't that great. I don't think that really makes the cars green, they are still using gas, and trying to put more cars on the road is definitly not green.

By swedish regulations it is practically impossible for a gas-driven car to be environmental friendly because regardless of how much less they damage the environment they still do just that, damage. For a product to be recognized as environmental friendly they need to be atleast neutral or at best actually improve!