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I would rate Chevy's "gas-friendly to gas-free" marketing campaign as a 4 on the greenwashing index. This particular ad definitely exaggerates how green the company is. First, The Chevy produces a wide range of trucks and SUV's that are some the least gas-friendly automobiles. These gas guzzlers include the Suburban, Silverado, Tahoe, and Avalanche. The Chevy website does not even give the average gas mileage for the Suburban and the Silverado truck because the mpgs are so low. Therefore, it is false for Chevy to claim that all of their cars, trucks, and SUV's are anywhere from "gas-friendly to gas-free." Also, after looking at the Chevy website the only current hybrid "gas friendly vehicles" Chevy offers are a Hybrid Tahoe and Hybrid Silverado. Both of these vehicles only get at best 22 MPG. This is not much considering the fact that Chevy and many other manufactures offer non-hybrid vehicles that that can get close to double that MPG. The Chevy company is green washing when it claims that these vehicles are gas friendly. Not only are the words on the ad misleading, the ad also misleads with visuals. Billboards on roads are meant for really quick advertising. The simple green background easily grabs the attention of people driving that only have time to see the green background and Chevy logo. Although this is good billboard advertising in the fact that it's simple, easy to understand, and gets the point across in a short period of time, it misleads people with the use of visuals. In this particular case the use of color by having a green background. I think that the Chevy's "gas-friendly to gas-free" marketing campaign in definitely green washing the public. My recommendation is that instead of putting out these vague ads that make people think that Chevy as a company is gas friendly, they should only put these claims on their specific products that actually are. For example, the Chevy Volt is an electric vehicle that you can plug in, charge overnight, and drive for 40 miles, gas-free that is expected to arrive at the end of 2010. These are the types of innovations that are truly green and Chevy should do specific green ads for in the future instead of a general green marketing campaign for the entire Chevy Brand.