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Many companies are using green marketing to give their company and products a better image in order to attract customers. Though, the use of green marketing can be manipulated by untruthful statements claiming company efforts are impacting the environment positively. The advertisement by Chevron describes how the company and employees promise to decrease energy use by driving less. 60% of managers and employees at Chevron's largest office will participate in vanpools, riding their bikes, or any other means of getting to and from work efficiently. The advertisement uses numbers to support claims of Chevron's positive impact on the environment. They emphasize that efforts have resulted in eliminating 1.85 million miles of driving and over 73,000 gallons of fuel each month. Chevron ends the advertisement by asking its customers to also participate in helping the environment by decreasing driving time. I would rate this advertisement with a 2.0 greenwashing index. Instead of simply stating that their efforts are resulting in decreased energy use, they support this claim by the use of statistics. It is difficult for the reader to dispute Chevro's evidence of their impact on the environment. Knowing that consumers are aware that oil companies cause harm to the environment, Chevron only advertises its efforts to cut energy use. I believe Chevron's advertisement is truthful and with good intentions. I would recommend Chevron to use a better background picture. The image of a woman smiling in the background doesn't associate with Chevron's green marketing. I think an image of numerous employees wearing suits with briefcases in their laps all crowded within a car would relate more with its green marketing efforts.


- I'm sorry but calling fossil fuels "human energy" is just a way of trying to be more socially appealing. - The photo just show a smiling woman, that does not say anything about being more environmentally-friendly. - The ad says that they saved over 73,000 gallons of fuel each month but how many gallons of fuel does Chevron actually produce in a month? - Chevron might be trying to reduce its emissions through carpooling but it is still a fossil fuels company and it will take many decades (if not centuries) before it can compensate for all the environmental degradation it caused.