Bring in a Tumbler 365 days a year, save 10¢ a day and 365 paper cups.

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Greenwashing is defined as whitewashing, but with a green brush. I gave this ad a 1 because Starbucks Company is doing a fantastic job advertising and living by "going green." In this ad, Starbucks is encouraging its customers to buy a Tumbler and save 365 paper and is offering the incentive of $.10 off the customers drink when they purchase a coffee in store. The reason why I rated this ad so high is because not only do they want their customers to eliminate the use of paper cups, but Starbucks is taking the responsibility on themselves to make their stores and products more environmentally friendly. Starbucks cups are made of 10% recycled material and their sleeves are 60% recycled material. By 2015, Starbucks goal is to have their to-go cups made of 100% recycled material. As a company Starbucks is not only worried about making sure their cups are recyclable. They are building their stores now environmentally conscious and being rated by the LEED Green building rating system. "The LEED Green building rating system is the nationally accepted benchmark for the design, construction, and operation of high performance green buildings." The LEED Green building council is made up of architects, designers, and building officials. Their job is to be as objective as possible to ensure that when building the new Starbucks stores are as "green" as they are claiming to be. (Click on fourth video "Building right..Naturally" on for more information) In 2008 Starbucks bought 385 million pounds of coffee and "seventy-seven percent of that was responsibly grown and ethically traded." What Starbucks is doing through their Shared Planet program is working with their growers and teaching them how to produce more coffee while keeping the land healthy so that the farmers can continue to grow. ( These are just a few examples of how Starbucks have hard data to back up their claims of being a "Green" company. I think that Starbucks should continue on the path they have to chosen in becoming green and stick to the goals they have set in order to be successful.


All of this is awesome and I hope they keep doing what they are doing and keep leading a great example for other giant corporations!