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"greenwashing" is when a company spends more money and time talking about being green then actual doing what it says it is going to. Well i feel that BP is true to their word. This ad is telling us what BP has done not what it is going to do. This brings me to the realization that they are already on the way to becoming a "green" company. This ad is not misleading at all it spells out what they are doing by giving figures of what they have done. Also i researched more about what BP is doing to help the environment which they have built a "green" gas station which has 90 solar panels powering it. Also they have a website called thegreencurve.com which shows you what the company's carbon footprint is. Also you can look at yours and it gives you tips on how you can help the environment. I also read that they have been spending hundreds of millions of dollars to help become environmental but very little has gone to promote what they are doing. That being said i feel that this ad along with the company in general should have a low score. They seem to be on the right track to do their part in helping the environment."


5.0Mr. Sustainability’s
BP..a green company? Green with oil dollars is about it.