BMW Efficient Dynamics

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The actor starts off by explaining how BWM is "finding ways to be more responsible" while holding an energy efficient CFL light bulb in his hands. That's quite endearing until the camera pans out and hundreds of bulbs illuminate on the studio ceiling. Just a little contradictory don't you think?


This commercial is a farce. Not only is it completely hypocritical with respect to the absurd lightbulb situation, but it's also patently false information. Of all the car manufacturers, BMW has done the least to respond to environmental concerns - unless you count their ridiculously impractical hydrogen-powered prototype. Those are the basically the exact same cars from 2004! BMW has no genuine commitment to reducing their impact on the environment. They just want to sell more cars by jumping on the bandwagon and appearing to care. Their greed is shining through clearly here. I'll never buy a BMW now.

2.4Frosty Freezer’s
The comments and ratings seem to be a passionate choice about weather or not you agree with high performance luxury cars as a value. The real issue is the price of gas. If road damage, used tire disposal, environmental loss due to oil production are priced into gas then it theoretically doesn't matter what your mileage is. Car transportation is effectively subsidized in the US due to a lack of a proper gas tax that would drive much more fuel efficient vehicles and alternatives. I fear this website is only skimming the surface of the pond to remove scum. The scum is produced at a much deeper and more cynical level than most are willing to dive into.