Aberdeen City Square

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Currently, Aberdeen is set to lose its only green space in the city centre - to have a 6 acre concrete superstructure (contents unknown as yet - car park / shopping - most likely) - and ACSEF (the company pushing the "consultation") insist that "raising" (read RAZING) the gardens is "greener" and more beneficial for Aberdeen (the company & backers are oil related business men) - so I want people to look at the video they have put out to "convince" Aberdonians that destroying (not only) a heritage site - but the only green space in the centre of Aberdeen - all for "progress"... the context of this "complaint" is the persistent rhetoric that follows this ambiguous advert. The biggest greenwashing point never addressed by ACSEF is how can destroying an existing greenspace and building a concrete superstructure on it be "green" ? - 6 acres and 4 - 6 floors is a lot of concrete. (Filling in the gardens means bringing around 3 947 dump trucks of earth into the site and 4 605 dump trucks of granite) Previously planned for the space (now in jeopardy of losing their funding) was a 75% funded (10th the cost!) and sympathetically designed arts centre designed by Brizac Gonzales (which had full planning permission). at 0.75 acres of building footprint this is an elegant solution to re-energising the space by utilising the steep garden walls - with minimal impact to the existing flora. for more info and comparisons please visit : http://www.comparethesquare.com


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