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The term Hybrid means that a vehicle could run on two or more fuel sources. Because the Lexus Hybrid is able to run on electricity, it exercises the fact that cleaner air could be produced since less gas is released into the air. I gave this Ad a low score because the words were not misleading since it stated actual facts such as the fuel sources and gas mileage. The visuals were very interesting and it really seemed like the entire video was energy efficient especially how the cars lit up the city from day to night. Although the Ad slightly exaggerates on how exactly "Green" the product is it gets the point and shows improvement towards the Green Market. In order for this company to continue with its success they should continue creating appealing "Green" Ads similar to this particular one because it gets the point across with actual facts without boring the audience and consumers.


The first thing the ad lets us know is that Lexus launched their first hybrid before youtube was even a website and more people had landlines than cell phones, which leads us to believe they have at least a few years of experience. They also drop in the fact that when their first Hybrid came out, gas was only $1.75 per gallon, again implying the years of experience Lexus has as a maker of energy efficient cars and SUV's. Their last, most interesting fact is that all together Lexus Hybrids have traveled over 5.5 billion miles. Knowing that Lexus' have gone such a great distance makes them easy to trust and have faith in their hybrids due to the entailed experience they have in fuel efficent, low energy, hybrid cars and SUV's. Overall I don't feel like this ad is greenwashed at all becuase there isn't any promises about saving the environment or decreasing CO2 emissions or creating a better future for today's youth. The only thing Lexus is trying to get across is that they are ahead of the curve in hybrid automobiles and give us a few reasons to consider when wondering if Lexus is the best choice.

The ad catches my attention right away becuase the first thing they mention is Lexus' first hybrid came out before Youtube was around. Also they mention that Lexus hybrids have traveled 5.5 billion miles, which obviously shows that they're ahead of the curve in hybrid cars.